Photo Gallery

NASCC members are not only excellent race drivers and workers but have turned out to be fantastic photographers to boot! On this page you’ll find hundreds of photos of various events submitted by NASCC members. If you’d like to see your photos up here please contact us!
An August 2014 updated link to Link to John K’s photos of NASCC events
August Vintage Road Race 2014 Ice, Road and Indy races and the Feb 16 2013 Ice Race here
Link to Terry Mc’s photos of NASCC & other events Ice, Indy and Drag races
Link to Brent’s and Dave C’s 2012 Brent’s Eurasia Cup & Dave’s Eurasia Cup shots
and look here for video and photo posts by our racers and lappers straightpipe posts

2009 Edmonton Rexall Indy, Eurasia Cup, photos by club members