2017 Road Race Regulations and Info Updated

2017 Road Race Regulations and Info Updated

The 2017 Supplemental Regulations, Castrol track entry procedures and other road race in formation have been updated, here http://nascc.ab.ca/racing/forms-and-downloads/, under the Racing menubar, Forms & Downloads page.

Next Club Meeting – Wednesday, March 15th – ARM and CMRT presentations

At the next NASCC Club meeting on Wednesday, March 15th the newly formed Alberta Race Marshals (ARM) executive and key executive from the Canadian Motorsport Response Team (CMRT) will be attending and giving presentations on their organizations and their plans for the upcoming racing season. They will also be answering any questions you may have.

Alberta Race Marshals (ARM) Mission Statement:
Alberta Race Marshals endeavors to develop its members and their skills to provide the road racing community in Alberta with highly qualified, experienced, motivated and well equipped marshals to assist in ensuring “Safety in Motorsports”.

Canadian Motorsport Response Team (CMRT) attends all NASCC Road Racing events and acts fast to remove any broken or damaged cars from the track and ensure the safety and health of all the drivers involved.

Please come out and participate.

The meeting starts at 7:30PM at the Chateau Louis, 11727 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton, in the Conference Centre. The Conference Centre is entered from the back of the Hotel, in a separate building, and we meet in the Roseberry Room on the bottom floor. A general gathering over refreshments usually follows the meeting in the Chateau Louis basement lounge.

Congratulations to all the 2017 NASCC Ice Racing winners.

No Stud (NS – Rubber to Ice)
1st – Robin Saunders – #42
2nd – Premier Bldg (Mike Thorn and Chuck Roberts) – #68
3rd – Colin Schultz – #4 & Vitor Pascoal – #32

Neon (NE)
1st – Ken Staples – #19
2nd – Sean Finn – #9
3rd – Peter Seifert – #3

Chevette (CH)
1st – Landon Goudreau – #8
2nd – Craig Ball – #54
3rd – Mike Kroszer – #98

Chevette Street Stud (CHSS)
1st – Landon Goudreau – #8
2nd – Craig Ball – #54
3rd – Al Winklmeier – #711

Limited Stud (LS)
1st – Ken Staples – #19
2nd – Sean Finn – #9
3rd – Ken Berg – #31

Australian Pursuit
1st – Premier Bldg (Chuck Roberts) – #68
2nd – Chris Saunders – #42
3rd – Ken Staples – #19

2017 Ice Race season is a wrap!

What a wonderful Ice Race Celebration we had on Sunday to wrap up our 2017 Ice Race Season. The sun was shining, the Australian Pursuit race was very entertaining, lots of smiling faces from the ride alongs and open lapping was well attended.

The NASCC wants to thank everyone who was involved in making the 2017 Ice Racing season a success.

Please make sure to check the results on the NASCC website for any errors before we declare our 2017 winners.

On to planning warmer racing at Castrol Raceway!

All Ice Racing results and summaries have been posted

Check out the current Ice Race results on the website. All race results for LLB are posted along with summary points for LLB and the 2017 Ice Race season. Double points for the feature race at LLB only apply to LLB results and not to the season standings.

A lot of effort was made to make sure the results are accurate, but if you spot an error please let us know.