Ice Racing

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What is Ice Racing?

Perhaps the only advantage of living in North America’s most northerly (and coldest) big city, is the fact that we have numerous well frozen lakes upon which to create race tracks. From the first Sunday in January until the shore thaws in March, week-ends are for ice racing.

A course of right and left-hand turns is snow-plowed out on a lake. Straights are a quarter mile or less, to keep speeds under 100 mph. Traction is also limited. The net effect is less wear and tear on cars and very cheap racing – about 10% the cost of pavement racing.

Ice racing is way to go door to door racing when everything else is frozen solid but the net benefit to your driving skills is tremendous when it comes to improved car control. The seasoned ice racer is at ease sliding a car in any condition and acutely aware of how to toss the car “just so” to make that perfect corner.

More than a few members believe it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on during the winter!

A tutorial pdf download – Ice Racing for Rookies & the Ice Race School

Ice Racing Classes

Currently the NASCC runs 7 different classes at it’s ice racing events. For further details on these classes please read the ice race supplemental regulations or the Spec class supplemental regulations in the “more information” section.

Please note Race Stud Class will not run again in the 2017 Ice Race Season.

  • Chevette CH & Chevette Street Stud CHSS – this spec class is for stock Chevettes equipped with P155/80/R13 Hankook iPike snow tires with TSMI 15 blue street studs. Two different races championships, one run with just Chevettes and the other is run with the No Stud cars this allows 2 different drivers to share a Chevette or for one driver to compete for two class championships – see rules below for more information
  • Miata’s on Ice (Street Stud) MI – this spec class is for 1989-2005 Miata’s equipped with Hankook iPike snow tires with TSMI 15 blue street studs – see rules below for more information
  • No Stud (Rubber to Ice) NS – for DOT approved snow tires available at local tire stores
  • Limited Stud LS – this class is for cars equipped with either Black Rocket tires, Bolted tires built pre 2016 or the new spec bolted tire. – see rules below for more information
  • Neon NE - this spec class is for stock Neon’s equipped with Black Rocket tires, Bolted tires built pre 2016 or the new spec bolted tire in 14″ size. Neon’s also qualify to run in the Limited Stud Class.- see rules below for more information
  • All Wheel Drive class AW – this class is for 4 wheel drive cars equipped with Studded Rally Tires (Black Rocket tires recommended)

Ice racing rules

The following links contain PDF downloads of all pertinent ice race rules and regulations. A driver wishing to partake in ice racing is required to read them – it is a good idea to print a copy and have them on hand at events.  If any of the links here seem out of date it is a good idea to check the Forms & Downloads page.

WCMA racing rules

While the NASCC is the club organizing ice races the WCMA is the organization for Western Canada (excluding BC) that sanctions and insures our events. As such all cars must be built to WCMA standards in order to race at NASCC events. Linked below are all WCMA rules and regulations you should require to put together a race car. If there is anything missing please visit the WCMA website directly.