what is the board of directors?

NASCC maintains an active board of directors who steward the club from an administrative perspective, organize events, and ensure the future. NASCC board membership is open to any member via election in our annual general meeting – we encourage members to volunteer!

our nascc board of directors – 2023

  • Linda Sakaluk – President

  • Cory Ussyk – Vice-President

  • Jed Harrison – Treasurer

  • Mitchell Nowak – Secretary

  • Colin Spencer – Race Director

  • Matt Sinfield – Race Director

nascc board appointees – 2023

The NASCC board regularly nominates individuals from within the club to fulfill critical duties, without the need for their election. These individuals are considered non-voting board members.

  • Lewis Matthews – Social Media Director
  • Mathew Jasman – Ice Race Coordinator