All pertinent race supplemental regulations(rules), forms, and other media are updated here organized by type.

Corner Marshal & race Officials Information

road race school and licensing

road racing – fully updated for 2024

2024  (May 6)  Endurance Racing NASCC Supplemental regulations – 7-12 hour races, 3 h Ironman & 1.5 h King of the Road (updated May 4)

    • several changes from 2022: new EU (unlimited) class, fuel equipment & fueling rules, lighting specifications, driver stint penalties, season points clarifications, King of the Road 1.5 h race within the endurance races, tag team 3 h Ironman racing.
    • Ironman and King of the Road races may be run twice during the Endurance races, once at the beginning and once at the end of the day.
    • Clarification of contact rules, procedures and penalties
    • updated fuel can regulations: no funnels in 2024
  • For link to all event dates click here
  • 2024 Sprint Racing NASCC Supplemental Regulations – July and August Sprint Races, also apply to Endurance Races
  • 2024 Typical schedules for Sprint or Endurance Race weekends can be found by clicking then scrolling down this linked page, feedback on the proposed schedules can be given by writing to  Detailed schedules for each event will be posted here closer to each event.
  • WCMA racing regulations – general page
  • WCMA new Contact Rule Addendum for 2024
  • WCMA sporting regulations – 2024 version – must read, covers event conduct & general safety
  • WCMA technical regulations – 2023 version still apply in 24- must read, covers car classing, vehicle requirements and driver safety requirements.
  • WCMA vintage racing regulations – covers car classing & vehicle requirements for cars 25 years and older that wish to race in vintage.
  • WCMA car classing calculator – 2024 version – used to calculate what class your car fits into for non-vintage racing.
  • WCMA tech form – Car & single driver – 2021 version still applies in 24- used to ensure technical inspection of the car and driver gear is completed. Required prior to each sprint race event, or for the season, as dictated by WCMA.
  • WCMA tech form – Drivers Endurance racing – 2021 version still applies in 24 – used to ensure technical inspection all driver’s gear is completed. Required prior to each race event, or for the season, as dictated by WCMA. Must also have a general WCMA tech form for Car & Single driver for endurance racing.

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