ICE RACE Weekend 2 – JAN 27 & 28!

Ice Race Weekend 2 is this coming weekend, January 27 & 28, at Cooking Lake.
Google Map to Cooking Lake site

Race Day 2 Schedule

Race Day 3 Schedule
Registration now to Race or Lap, or enjoy a ride along in a race car during a race.  We need to know you are coming, so we can plan effectively!  Sign up today.

Use the Race Docs menu bar tab to see the race schedules, regulations, and other related documents.

If you haven’t already done it for 2024, apply to renew your race license through WCMA

For all the forms and race regulations, and links to more information use this link NASCC.AB.CA/Race Docs

New to racing? 

Here are the steps you need to take to get into one of the most exciting and inexpensive forms of racing:
1. Complete Ice Race School (If returning competitor, volunteer as instructor) ->
2. **Purchase NASCC Club Membership ->
3. Register for WCMA Ice Race License ->
4. Register for Race 1 ->
5. Register for Race 2 & 3 ->
6. Register for future events ->

** Skip step 2 if you sign up for the Rookie package, membership is part of the package.