a club of friends, racing wheel-to-wheel for 65+ years

Becoming a member has many benefits, including being able to vote at club meetings, obtain your ice race or road race license and stay up to date on all things Alberta racing! Membership is yearly, based on the calendar year, expiring on Dec 31st, annually.


lifetime Member hall of fame

The NASCC has and will continue to award Lifetime memberships to members who have shown outstanding commitment and contributed for many years to the success of the NASCC as a club. The clubs current list of lifetime members include:

  • Andy de Boon
  • Colin Schultz
  • Gail Terner
  • Uwe Terner
  • Brian Sinfield
  • Ken Staples
  • David Fowler
  • Barry Fox
  • Gunther Ruppel
  • Barry Munson
  • Robert Stokowski