Street Safe – new ice race class for 2024

Announcing our newest ice race class, Street Safe! We’re excited to bring to you a class that’s easy to access, safe, and best of all, mega competitive!

Racing will be open to all 2WD and AWD cars, prepped to our safety regulations, weighing under 3150lbs running your choice of non-studded winter tire. Our focus has been on keeping it simple, so factory crash protection (no cage), seat belt, helmet and FR coveralls will get you racing along with some basic safety preparation as laid out in the supplemental regulations. The idea is for less than $1500 you should be able to put together a competitive racecar in a day, including the cost of the car.

Stay tuned for the release of the regulations the first week of November and along with that a simple, easy to use checklist to guide you in building your own car! Later in November, the club will link to a how-to video on Youtube that walks you through each and every step required to get in the drivers seat.

Make no mistake, this is the most exciting thing to happen to ice racing since ice! Don’t miss out!

Find the rules on the Race Docs page, or click here.