Ice race 2024 rules released

🏁 We’ve released our 2024 Ice Race Rules and Regulations! 🏁

👉 Check them out now ->

Our rules are as simple as 1-2-3:

1️⃣Ice Race Supplemental Regulations – govern all classes, provide a ruleset “base” for ice racing.

2️⃣ Street Safe Class Addendum – for 2024, we’ve split out the class specific rules for our new Street Safe class into this document.

3️⃣ Street Safe Class Checklist – one-page checklist meant to simplify your build.

👉Ice Race 2024 Supp regs ->…/NASCC_Ice_Race_Supp_Regs_2024_V1…

👉Street Safe class rules ->…/NASCC_Ice_Race_Street_Safe_Supp…

👉 Street Safe class checklist ->…/NASCC_Ice_Race_Street_Safe_Supp…

2024 Change Summary

  • Street Safe Class – announcing an all new class designed for caged and cageless cars, our easiest to enter ice race class since this all began in the 1950s! Check them out now!
  • Chevette Class Changes – tire rules have been normalized to allow folks to access and build tires more easily and cheaper than before.
  • Limited Stud Changes – we’ve updated the rules to allow tire “shaving” in the same fashion as Chevette, as well as the traditional bald carcass approach.
  • Rubber-to-ice changes – we’ve updated the tire spec to allow GSi-3 and GSi-6’s, we’ve also banned / grandfathered space saver wheels and tires narrower than 165 to keep things competitive in future.