ice race school 2024 is Jan 20

Our Ice race school usually runs in January.  We have the ice and snow now, but the extremely cold weather on Jan 13 forced us to postpne the school to Jan 20, with the classroom session running on Jan 19 (more info below). Keep watch here and on our Facebook page for updates.

If you’re interested in joining us on the ice for our lapping sessions or other options, please contact us on social media or via our email address

If you do have a sanctioned ice racing license from previous years please contact us before applying to race. Also, if you have a sanctioned wheel-to-wheel racing license with the WCMA, FIA, NASA or other official bodies and you believe you should be considered for ice racing, please contact us at the above email. Happy racing and see you on track!

Welcome to the Ice Racing and Winter Driving School 2024.  The school has been successfully completed on Jan 20.  You could have registered at this link

Note construction is finished on this page for 2024.  Also keep in mind that weather and ice conditions dictate when and where we will hold the Ice Racing and Winter Driving School.

Please take a moment to read our ice race school document linked here. This document covers what to expect, how the days are organized and requirements for participation. A track map will be available at the school.

We have prepared Ice Racing 101 for those planning to race, click here.

You can find a copy of the powerpoint notes used for the classroom dicsussion, and a recorded video version of the Ice Race SChool at the following Link.

Classroom notes & video version of the course here.

Classroom session – Friday, January 19th, 2024, doors open at 6 for check in, discussions start at 6:30 pm sharp

Held at – Leefield Community Centre, 7910 – 36 Ave NW, Edmonton in Richfield Park, Millwoods.

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This year the classroom session will return to being live. Classroom is Friday evening, Jan 19, doors at 6, with check in at 6:15 pm. Then we will begin the presentations at 6:30. Please arrive before 6:15 pm at the Leefield Community Center.

On-track location – Saturday, January 20th, 2024

Held at – Cooking Lake or other location; will be announced at the Classroom session.