Road Race School – Storage Page

Welcome to the WCMA Amateur Competition License School on line version. Note, this is not the Endurance Race License School, which is done the Friday evening before an Endurance Race Weekend.

As you scroll down, you will find the link to the various videos that make up the classroom material, plus some guidance as to how to proceed through it. The link to the simultaneous Zoom meeting has been sent to you by email.

This page is finished construction

This year the classroom session was held on line, Thursday May 9th, using Zoom. We will open the Zoom meeting at 6:15 pm, with presentation to start at 6:30 pm. The first segment will be live through Zoom, and we will keep that link alive through the whole evening. The link will be emailed to registered students and instructors, within 24 hours of the Zoom starting.

Below you will find the pre-recorded video links for the classroom presentation, listed in the order of presentation. We will start live in Zoom , then you will be directed to watch one of the videos here, return to Zoom for brief discussions, then be directed to another, and back to Zoom for discussions, throughout the evening. Links to the videos will be completed in time for the Zoom Classroom session.

Part 1 – A Lap of RAD Torque Raceway

P 1 A lap of Castrol by Chris Saunders, 2019 & 2022, 23 Spec Miata Champion

Part 2 – The Basics:Seating, Positioning and Vision

P 2: The Basics: Our second recorded link is part two of the slide pack, on the subject of your positioning within the car. Please watch the video at the link here:

Part 3 – Driving the Line

P 3: Driving the line: We then move on to a discussion of how to optimize your cornering speeds, and how to evaluate the importance of each corner relative to lap times with two videos. This one on the line:

and this one on corner types

We will break out after these for a bit of discussion of the videos we have seen so far, within the Zoom meeting.

Now return to the Zoom meeting, let us know you are back, and we will discuss the material in the previous presentations

Part 4 – Car Control & why you need it

P 4 Car Attitude: Start with this very brief video to set up discussions of car attitude, part 4a, will be done live and recorded as we go.

And then, follow that with this Youtube Video on car control: compensating for under and oversteer: (you may have to wait 5 s to skip the ads)

Now return to the Zoom meeting, let us know you are back, and we will discuss the material in the previous presentations.

Part 5 – Weight Transfer & Car Control

P 5 Weight Transfer: Following the Zoom discussion, go on to watch the next video, part 5, “unpacking” the very dense delivery of information on car control in the Youtube video, as presented by a “wise man”.

Part 6 – The Traction Circle

Traction Circle: We complete this section on traction with a look at the traction circle, in video part 6. Think of the discussion on sliding as representing car control in the rain, rather than on ice as mentioned in the video. CLICK HERE

Then please return to the live Zoom meeting for a discussion session on weight transfer

Part 7 – Braking & Shifting

P 7 Braking: Use of the brakes is critical to maximizing our speed around the track, In this linked video below, part 7, we discuss threshold, trail and left foot braking.

Heel & Toe shifting: One of the skills you will need to develop to be smooth on track, and keep the car balanced is the “heel and toe” technique. This video includes capture of the dancing footwork of a driver who is excellent at the technique, and is embedded at the end of the video link below.

Return to the Zoom meeting for a discussion the above material

Part 8 – Race Car Driving

The Secret Sauce: We are now going to look at how you take the skills we have discussed to the next level, through a series of videos analyzing Formula 1 drivers best laps. We start with a pair of studies of Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly, part 8a and then during Sunday’s live classroom session we finish with a second video on Perez. Leclerc and Gasly

Now return to the Zoom meeting, let us know you are back, and we will discuss the material in the previous presentations.

Part 9 – Your Driving Sessions

We briefly talked about the 6 driving sessions on track at the beginning, but what will we be asking you to learn and develop through those sessions? This live session, part 9, goes through the 6 sessions in greater detail, so you know the goals and what to expect.

Wrap Up & Written Exam

During live Classroom Sessions on Saturday we will cover topics more specific to racing. Thank you for your attention this evening.

WRITTEN EXAM Flags of the WCMA will be on the written exam on Saturday. You can study them and refer to them from this pdf file.  here